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Our goal is to provide state of the art emergency care in a compassionate and professional environment. We use the latest technologies and equipment to properly diagnose and treat your pet, we ensure your animal will receive the best possible treatment available. Quality emergency veterinary care from a friendly, professional team, on nights, holidays and weekends. 

Weekdays: Monday - Friday 6pm to 8:00am

Weekends: Saturday - 1:00pm to Monday 8:00am

and All Major Holidays


Our team of experienced veterinarians have been helping save pets' lives in Jacksonville NC for over 31 years. We are open when everyone else is closed to ensure your pets have the quality care when they need it most. We will treat your pet as if they were our own. Our team is trained to be ready for all possible injuries, illnesses, or accidents that your pet might be presented with. Our Emergency Clinic is the original pet emergency center for Onslow County and surrounding areas. It was founded by respected local veterinarians and has provided high quality after hours care for pets in this area since 1988. Our original facility was located in the New River Shopping  Center. In 2010, the clinic moved to our larger facility located on Office Park Drive. 

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